Friday, August 11, 2006

Giselle Sanchez Visits There

Sexy, smart Filipina comedienne Giselle Sanchez visited There Philippines the other night.

Check out this in-game video of her appearance. Smart girl that she is, Giselle takes to virtual reality like a fish takes to water. Since brains carry over to virtual worlds more than looks, she attracted an even bigger crowd than equally sexy but less experienced Filipina actress Andrea del Rosario, who also visited There recently. Virtual interaction makes one far less starstruck around celebs, so this online audience joked around with Giselle far more spontaneously than her live audiences ever could.

Groovenet's David Foote (black shirt) and Greg Kittelson (yellow shirt) watch Giselle deliver another zinger.

Oh, and after seeing my blog picture, she just had to get this shot. The girl knows a good meme when she sees it.

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