Saturday, August 12, 2006

Japanese Online Game Seeks Philippine Publisher

I'm an otaku, and proud of it. With the glut of Korean online games flooding the Philippines, I'm glad to see Japanese games making inroads. That's why I accepted an invitation from Truly Asian Partners' Chester Chi and Inq7's Joey Alarilla to have lunch with Misayo Kurata at the Dusit Hotel the other day.

Thanks to Misayo, I now have an account on Japan's biggest social network, mixi. Ain't she cute?

Misayo works with Japanese game developer GaiaX. Their online racing game Twinkle came out of beta in Japan that day, and she's introducing the game to Philippine publishers.

Only the Japanese could imagine a hoverboard with a face. Japanese game developers' courage to pour top talent into kooky concepts allows them to come up with such quality left-field hits as Katamari Damacy. Misayo herself likes Animal Crossing. Wonder if that kooky magic will work here, too. An alumnus of renowned anime producer J.C. Staff is on the project, so the game has a genuine Japanese anime feel.

I've mentioned the potential of gamer babes before, and GaiaX gets that. The female voices in Twinkle are not done by fan-disengaged actresses. GaiaX develops actual female gamer-bloggers to do the voices. They'll also line-dance for viral videos. No, I'm not kidding: Misayo herself will do the choreography.

More English info on Twinkle here. Filipina cosplayers get ready: Misayo envisions a set of Twinkle girls in the Philippines.

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