Monday, April 24, 2006

Filipino Bloggers Expose Song Ripoff

Yet again, Filipino bloggers expose plagiarism by Filipino companies insulting Filipino intelligence.

This time, it's Toni Gonzaga's We Belong ripping off Utada Hikaru's First Love. Why am I not surprised that a Filipino major record label is capable of such cluelessness?

Don't believe me? See for yourself. Listen especially for the chorus.

Utada Hikaru - First Love.

Toni Gonzaga - We Belong.


Aaron said...

It is painfully obvious. I didn't have to listen to it in YouTube. With all the commercials ABS-CBN has for promoting Toni Gonzaga, I already thought that it was Utada Hikaru's First Love.

Are they clueless? I don't think they are. I think they are blatantly ripping off other famous tunes and claiming it to be their own. Just like what Cueshe did with their hit song Stay.

Mike Abundo said...

What they're clueless to is the collaborative intelligence of online Filipinos.

Aaron said...

just occured to me right now, don't you think they are aware of this collaborative intelligence of the online community. I mean, if many people talk about it, it makes a lot of buzz and creates tons of publicity for Toni Gonzaga. Many people will tune in to listen to her and see if it is really ripped off. And that could possibly be equal to sales of Toni's records.

Mike Abundo said...

Dude, that'd be so low.

Then again, we're talking about local recording execs.

Aaron said...

Being low hasn't stopped recording companies from taking advantage of stuff just to get a quick buck. And most of the time (if not all the time) they get away with it, too.

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't talk like that.... mike abundo is much lower than the local recording execs.

distant_sparks said...

As if you aren't low yourself, Mike Abundo, for shamelessly stealing names of good communities, appropriating them for your own less-than-honourable ends, then saying to one of its moderators that you found it in Google and thought it was a good name, while admitting to another that you never did your research.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree.

This is a big ripoff.

Filipino's have TALENT.. they dont have to rip off such..

Ptch.. Fucking ripoffs.

Some other morons doesnt want to admit that its a ripoff. Sige, ipagtanggol ninyo yang idol ninyong ripoff.


mark said...

I already know that Toni ripped this song fron Utada Hikaru, she changed the tone, changed the words and WOW!! It became her first "ORIGINAL" single

Anonymous said...

she should've stuck with her tv hosting rather than break out and become a recording artist. i have no doubts of her singing talent it just sucks that she or her song writer had to rip off a song.