Sunday, May 29, 2005

Debate Debacle

(Via JJ Disini) No sooner do Filipino Netizens expose possible plagiarism in the designs of local clothing label Bayo do they expose possible plagiarism in the OBB of local television show Debate.

How fitting, that a show featuring media-controlled offline discourse should have its folly exposed by citizen-controlled online discourse. Expect more exposés as Filipinos embrace the latter.


chelle said...

ano ba yan.. nakakahiya na talaga ung "mga" pinoy na yan! tsktsk. that should be the topic for their debate, i'd love to see the show lose! and yah, sue bayo. period.

distant_sparks said...

As well as a few courageous Pinoys and Pinays alike have exposed your blatant plagiarism of two communities' names, and your use of them for means that their owners did not want them to be used for.