Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bayanihan and Social Media

Why are Filipinos such natural adopters of social media? Why are half of all Friendster users Filipino? Why is the Philippines among the top countries on BlogExplosion?

Here's what I think. One of the Filipino core values, passed down from our small-town islander ancestors, is bayanihan -- community collaboration. That's exactly why technologies that facilitate online community collaboration are such hits with Filipinos.

I should thank Chloebs de Asis and her Capcom Team for helping me see the link between bayanihan and social media adoption. Their bayanihan helped start Pinoy Cosplay. Thanks, guys! :)


Zengar Zombolt said...

BOAHAHAHAHA!! ang kulit a!!! hehehe salamat kuya mike ^___^ heheheh MORE POWER SA CAPCOM TEAM!!!!

dondimapa said...

You may have something here! The killer app for CICT's Community e-Centers! :-))

distant_sparks said...

OMFG roxxors.

Actually, I feel bad for Ms. de Asis and her Capcom Team for being involved in your stupidity. They aren't brilliant, true, but they are more Filipino than you will ever be.