Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Three New Twinkle Girls Selected

Remember when I said Japanese game publisher GaiaX gets the potential of gamer babes? They followed through on that yesterday with the selection of three new Twinkle girls after a series of auditions in Akihabara.

Get ready, Filipina cosplayers: GaiaX plans to replicate the Twinkle girl program when they launch the game in the Philippines.

(Via Chester Chi.)


pedz said...

Remember when some cosplayers warned local fandom about the perils of dealing with Mike Abundo? well, he followed through by posting pictures of minor aged cosplay girls in certain adult oriented forums.

Yup! get ready Filipina Cosplayers: Mike Abundo plans to pimp you over at the most inappropriately adult forums.

distant_sparks said...

@ pedz: Oh yes indeed. You couldn't have put it better.