Friday, June 09, 2006

Philippine Bank Hasn't Heard of Google

If I said a Philippine bank hasn't heard of Google, you'd think I was crazy, right?

Wrong. Banco de Oro apparently hasn't, much to the dismay of local AdSense publishers.

This is symptomatic of a deeper problem. Too many Philippine businesses cannot grasp the concept of automated online prosumer microtransactions. The Long Tail of production is inconceivable to them.

Such businesses see consumers as nothing more than, as Jerry Michalski puts it, "gullets who live only to gulp products and crap cash". How dare a consumer actually produce digital products and earn cash!? How dare some crazy Internet company facilitate such blasphemy!? It must one of those crazy Internet frauds we see on TV! ¡Qué horror! ¡Qué barbaridad!


Ligaya said...

Qué horror! ¡Qué barbaridad!

Hoy, Boobman, 'wag mo ngang nakawin ang mga linya ko. Ipinagmamalaki mong may dugong Irish ka 'di ba?! Kung meron nga siguro naman may mga kataga kayong katulad niyan.

At siyanga pala, pa-"Happy Republic Day" ka pa diyan. Tch, halatang hindi lumaki rito.

cheryl said...


I hope they can open up to the idea... I mean considering a lot of monetary transactions now are mostly done online, grasping the idea will actually have them benefit and they wise up to use it to their own advantage.^_^