Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Less Autoplay Annoyance, More Viral Video

What is this I see on the FHM Philippines homepage? Autoplaying video!

What is this, a little girl's MySpace profile? This is just annoying!

I've talked about this sort of thing before. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for rich media. In fact, I created their local publisher Summit's first Flash promo screensaver way back in 2000.

Thing is, if I really want to hear from these girls, I'll click to do so. I don't want to hear them say the same thing every time I go to the homepage!

Has FHM's web team even checked how much the autoplay fucks up pageload time? I'm on DSL, and it takes several seconds for most of the homepage to even show up. At least Itzamatch doesn't do it every damn time!

So many Philippine companies' Web strategies are still stuck in the '90's, while so many Filipino online prosumers are rapidly embracing Web 2.0. FHM, drop the autoplay annoyance and start spreading these babes on viral video. Here, I'll get you started.


sheriff said...

nice boobs

Mike Abundo said...

I agree, sheriff. Boobs like that deserve better online exposure.