Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PLDT Purgatory: Billing

Now I find out PLDT's billing guys haven't been told about my four-day DSL outage. They claim they'll follow it up manually.

PLDT DSL's support people said their billing guys would be aware of the outage. Good thing I don't believe their lies.

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Cheryl said...

My dorm in Manila also has a PLDT DSL connection, same as yours, it also sucks here. :P There was actually a time that we didn't have internet connection for a week, because of some "Meralco" electrical problems, which I really do understand it's connection to PLDT services.

During the time your previous entry about this came out, I also encountered someone having problems with their service, and the reason given to her was, there were thieves stealing the copper wire, and sells them off as scraps... and the local incidents are also featured it in the local newpapers. I mean, what other reasons can they give out for their crappy service?! I am really curious now, if they actually just pay someone, to come up with reasons for them to give out. :P

Anyway... if you should change your service provider, I heard great feed backs of Globelines and WiFi.^_~