Thursday, January 19, 2006

PLDT Purgatory

My PLDT DSL service at home (and the surrounding area) has been down for four days.

For readers not in the Philippines, PLDT is the entrenched local telco monopoly. This is the service level you can expect from people who didn't even have the basic foresight to buy the most obvious domain name, but did have the temerity to challenge the owner in court. They lost, by the way.

ePLDT handles PLDT DSL's customer service, but not the repairs. As such, customer service grunts actually answer the phone (atypical behavior in PLDT), but are completely clueless as to when my service will be repaired. I'm now shopping around for a new broadband provider.

Update, 8:17pm: The service is back up. This had better improve. Upstart rival provider BayanTel just called, courting me with a lower price.

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Jepoy said...

Try Globe.. they are far the best broadband ISP her in manila ;)