Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Epixtar Persecutes Blogger

As a top performer at eTelecare years ago, I hated the now-bankrupt labor-abusing scammers at Epixtar. In fact, one of my best team leaders at eTelecare came from Epixtar after getting sick of their crap.

Though the demise of traditional CRM is near, eTelecare lets it die with dignity. Epixtar feasts on its flesh.

Now, someone's posting around the fruits of Epixtar's crimes: their execs' salaries. To top it off, Epixtar has the audacity to hunt down those posts and persecute bloggers.

Nice work, Epixtar. Now, not only do local CRM professionals and overseas customers hate you. Local bloggers hate you, too.

(Via Migs, Abe, and Gary.)

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