Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pornstar Bloggers

Wired News notes that pornstars are now blogging.

"As Parry (a stage name) writes on his blog, the reality can be different. From female co-stars who give him the cold shoulder and fall asleep on-set, to Herculean struggles to maintain an erection for hours at a time while being denied lunch, Parry's portrayal of the porn star life is anything but glamorous. 'Still want to do porn?' he asks in one post."

I feel his pain.


advancement said...

So who are those 2 girls in the picture? Your co-stars?

distant_sparks said...

I think they are.

Hey Mikey boy, I thought you were a "VICE PRESIDENT for Emerging Technologies of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society, identifying and analyzing nascent IT trends of potential benefit to the Filipino people." Now it seems you're actually just the PRESIDENT OF VICE! XD

distant_sparks said...

Oh, and fancy yourself a PORNSTAR?! YOU LOOK GAY.