Friday, May 20, 2005

The E-governance Lifestyle

E-governance starts with the individual official's e-lifestyle.

A while back, I mentioned techie Congressman Roilo Golez. Curious as to how tech-savvy he really is, I invited him to a party at the Makati Sports Club.

What I learned was interesting.

- Every day, he reads Philippine broadsheet sites before midnight, as the next day's news is posted. The tabloid sites update later, and he checks those at five AM.

- He's used up two 160GB removeable hard drives, and is now filling up a 250GB Iomega.

- He has the mobile numbers of 3,000 of his constituents on his Nokia 9500.

- He gets regular SMS alerts from the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

- He refers to the Web via WiFi during plenary sessions.

- He emails as fast as I do.

Inq7's Erwin Oliva was on hand to report more here.

Can't wait 'til he starts blogging.

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