Monday, March 21, 2005

A Penny for Your Fun

Good to see an industry heavyweight like Microsoft recognizing the commercial value of in-game items. Interestingly enough, in the Philippines, prepaid micropayments for in-game items have long been available in Oz World, and more recently in Gunbound.


A Little Moolah Goes a Long Way

09:15 AM Mar. 20, 2005 PT

LOS ANGELES -- New car: $1. New helmet: 5 cents. Flashy new warrior's sword: 50 cents. Bigger baseball bat: three for $2. Magic spell to help defeat that tricky warlord on level five: 10 cents per use.

Welcome to the online store of the future -- the one embedded in your favorite video game. When Microsoft releases the new version of its video game console -- presumably this year -- it plans to include a storefront that will offer "microtransactions."

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