Monday, March 21, 2005

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Matrix...

You know you've got cultural convergence when movie characters make significant live appearances in MMOG betas.

In the Philippines, we haven't quite reached this level of gaming as e-showbusiness -- but we're getting there. Not too long ago, I remember Filipina stars Maui Taylor and Katya Santos making live appearances in Oz World.


The End of Beta Event
Tuesday was an AMAZING day in The Matrix Online Beta. The Beta came to a stunning conclusion as a war broke out between The Machines and the people of Zion. The Exiles, lead by The Merovingian, picked up and left the Matrix in order to wait for the resolution of the battle.

The Matrix Online showed for the first time the power of the story – MAJOR characters made LIVE appearances. Morpheus, Niobe, Seraph, and the Merovingian all made appearances in the game giving speeches to players and rallying them to their side. Niobe was even spotted going into battle against many Agents.

The Machines turned the sky red and filled it with all-seeing eyes. They then proceeded to hunt down INDIVIDUAL players, calling them out by name and chasing them down for deletion. Other players would rally around the named and try to defend them from the Agents.

Later in the day, Agents began spreading a Fire Virus fire that would infect all players.

Finally, the Machines succeeded in rebooting the Matrix after crumpling all players like aluminum cans in a final blow to Zion.

The entire event was reported on LIVE by Radio Free Zion. They had their DJs spread through the Matrix and would report on Agent movements, player uprisings, Morpheus sightings, and Fire Virus infestations.

You can see and hear a sample of the very end of the beta here:

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