Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Level Up and netGames Complete Merger

At least access to Level Up games will soon be free. They'll sell items B2C a la netGames. We will be starting with ROSE Online in November and this will be followed by the other games, says the Philippine ops girl. Ragnarok merchants, sell your stuff: you'll soon be competing with the publisher itself.

Level Up and PLDT subsidiary netGames have completed their merger. Mercifully, they're not using the previously announced name Level Up netGames (LUnG).

While I'm glad Level Up's now got greater access to PLDT's resources (hopefully to improve their services) they'd better put in extra work to stay relevant in a time of peer trust, informed gamers, and infinite choice. I'd hate to see the pioneer in Philippine gaming become the next Infocom: a PLDT acquisition orphan.

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