Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tickle Me Elmo Extreme

Ten years after the bug-eyed monster first laughed, Earth faces an even greater abomination: the TMX.

Tickle Me Elmo Extreme.


Jerry Polence said...


wish I have that doll... looks very expensive. T-T :P I'd rather buy costumes, and enjoy every last cosplay event while I am here. :P

im seh khu said...

eh jerry, maybe you can ask your husband to buy you one?


nope, nothing's a worse abomination than Mike Abundo. (yeah, he's even worse than website trolls like this one)

Mike Abundo said...

I love the way he snaps into a Sieg Heil. At one point, he looks like he's jacking off.

Masturbating Nazi Elmo. Sesame Street teaches horrible tings.

im seh khu said...

see what i just commented? he validates it.

there's a little toy squirming mechanically and he sees a masturbating nazi.

Mike learned from sesame street the wrong way.

POLisPOL said...

In spain we have the TMX Ernie!

Mike Abundo said...

At least it's not TMX Bert. Bert is evil.