Saturday, September 23, 2006

Level Up Execs Resign En Masse

I once asked Level Up founder Ben Colayco why he doesn't blog. He said his straight-talking style would get him into trouble.

I get the feeling his company will get into more trouble if he doesn't.

Level Up execs are resigning en masse. Between the Philippine head's waffling (It is really not directly due to our merger. Huh?) and trolls' anonymous flames, there's not much to inspire confidence in the game publisher's fate.


thunderfoot said...

And mike abundo starts masturbating with uncontrolable glee ! yay!!!!

Anonymous said...

ben is not the founder of the lug... sorry to burst your bubble. next time mag-research ka muna. nagiging tanga ka na naman sa blog mo.

ay wait... tanga ka pala talaga.

Anonymous said...

and use your 7 years of internet skillz, knowledge and experience if you can't use your brain...don't tell us that you can't use google