Saturday, September 16, 2006

Filipina Gamer Babe Gets Site Back

Popular Filipina gamer babe Alodia Gosiengfiao, whose primary website was hacked recently, just got it back.

Good going, girl. Be more careful with your accounts from now on. ;)


jawrelveckbah said...

congrats to alodia.

next time be careful about who tries to promote you around the internet. but i wonder how that could be possible when most often they dont care if they have permision anyway.

the last time some bozo tried to promote a cosplayer girl in the fhm forums, she turned out to be a minor! hot damn!

[1604] said...

Hold up Sherlock, dont you mean Mike Abundo? Oh snap!

Anonymous said...

hmm... what fhm is that ? i wannt see it. haha :)

Ligaya said...

Wala na yun, nasa FHM forums dati yung tungkol sa menor de edad. @_@