Saturday, August 05, 2006

Candy Girl: Japan's Most Popular Artificial Companion

A while back, I blogged the Japanese A.I.Doll artificial companion.

Turns out the Candy Girl artificial companions are more popular in Japan, selling close to a thousand units a year. They've even got a PC game. Check out this oddly hypnotic video to get a better feel for these dolls. On real and artificial women, cute faces and hot bodies make a killer combo.

Oh, and if you don't feel like committing to a particular design, this shop rents them out.

(Via Davecat and Danny Choo.)


Davecat said...

Between CandyGirls and A.I.Dolls, I'd say A.I.Dolls win - they're relentlessly sexy. But have you seen the Honey Dolls by Axis Japan? They look gorgeous, and the fact that they've got interactive sensors in them is rather impressive..

I still love my RealDoll though. I have to say that, otherwise she'd kill me in my sleep. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

only sick perverts with no life who are losers use these.

evil squirrel said...

oh come on...why is it that people don't make a fuss about vibrators and yet make a big deal about these dolls? hey if you don't want to use it then leave people who want to alone...bullies!

Anonymous said...

Lol!! This is too funny. Only losers who can't get real sex use creepy dolls like this. :)
It is nothing like the real deal... oh well I guess it's the best they will ever get haha.

Anonymous said...

I like the super cute CandyGirls that look about twelve - yummy.