Saturday, March 04, 2006


Why am I posting this picture here, and not on Pinoy Cosplay?

Because she's not human.


Cheryl said...

I think, I may know what those dolls are... they may have derived from the concept of having an exact mannequin idea I watched over in Ripley's.

I think these dolls are not just for display, right? They serve that other purpose as an alternate human activity partner?^_^;

Mike Abundo said...

"Alternate human activity partner".

You certainly have a way with words, CA. ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! So when are you going to buy one Mike? I think you're deperate enough. And CA too.

Anonymous said...

Pervert! Pervert! Pervert! Desperate and impotent sex maniac!!! XD

cheryl said...

whoa! stupid! stupid! crap of shits! what more can I say but brainless spiteful trolls... who's statements doesn't even have meat on them! >.>

please lang kung mag-troll kayo, lagyan nyo naman ng relevance dun sa sinasabi nya at sana may laman, para di kayo nagmumukhang manas na mga pikon dito >.>

ohh yeah... instead of anonymous or just using your alternate accounts, use your own or if you don't have one make one, so that you don't look like some shitheads who are scared to be identified! Geezzz... I don't even know if you have balls to do that! You spineless spiteful shithead trolls.

Maia said...

Oh god, those dolls are awesome! I want one to dress up like a life sized barbie doll! It could model costumes I make!

Oh and regarding the trolls. Where in mikes post does it show perversion? I think youre the one with a perverted mind. Mike is objectively showing us something new and you misinterpret it. Shame! Shame!

Cheryl said...

yup^_^ thinking about that too, your own life size and very realistic mannequins. Only if it didn't cost quater of a milllion pesos. XP

distant_sparks said...

It's sad that you can't even get it on with Cheryl anymore, that you resort to posting pictures of INANIMATE women. XD

Ms. Cheryl, magpapatalo ka pa ba diyan sa manikang 'yan?