Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guild Wars Dervish Shotgun Parody!

In response to rumors of godlike powers for the new Guild Wars: Nightfall Dervish, someone made a parody vid of a Dervish -- with Doom weapons.

Seriously though, the Dervish isn't unbeatable, but it's fun to play. Cast-cast-cast-cast-slash-slash-slash-slash-shout. Repeat ad nauseam. Damn, that would make a good cosplay move.

Nevermind that the female Dervish has the smallest boobs in the game.


Anonymous said...

no idea what ur talkin about with sayin female dervs haves the smallest boobs, female sins hold that title over male chars

Anonymous said...

Yo mi necro dis ait no parody dis da real deal mi necro.