Saturday, July 08, 2006

Guild Wars Bans 4,000 Accounts for Botting

As Level Up embraces botting, ArenaNet bans 4,000 Guild Wars accounts for botting.

No wonder gold's out of stock at IGE. At least the runner business won't be affected; that requires human players. Don't get me wrong: I'm a big believer in secure automated C2C RMT a la Station Exchange. Gamers should have as many secure avenues as possible to monetize their skills. We can't all be e-sports athletes like Fatal1ty.

I just think botting is silly. That, and it causes in-game currency inflation. In January 2005, the Ragnarok Philippines in-game currency, the zenny, was valued at around $0.60 per million zenny on their Chaos server. Thanks to rampant botting, today it's around $0.10 per million zenny. If the Ragnarok gameworld of Rune-Midgard were a real country, it would be the next Argentina.

By contrast, expect the value of Guild Wars gold to increase in the days ahead.

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Laibeus Lord said...

I've been waiting for that hehehe.
As I'm helping a friend for their thesis - IGE-type thesis, I told them the best time to buy in-game gold in virtual worlds.

That's one factor - wait for them to ban (again). The rest of the factors? :p secret hehehe....

I'm not sure though if GW gold will go up. It stayed at its current price (and exchange rate to USD) for the last 2, 3 times they banned accounts. I guess the fact that it is very easy to acquire in-game money in GW contributes to the fix value of GW's gold. Unlike in WoW, it is very hard.

But maybe it will go up, since a LOOOOTTTTTT of people spent their gold stocks with the recently held "Dragon's Festival" where they have to buy lots of tickets to play games and earn the 2 new titles for Lucky and Unlucky (which both have upper levels as well).

So maybe it will go up as majority of the population are poor once again :p like me :(