Friday, July 14, 2006

Call for PayPal in the Philippines

A recent bash held by XMG for Philippine IT movers and shakers opened with projected snapshots of the Philippine urban poor, to remind us who we're really working to uplift. When I mentioned that to Filipina cosplay celeb Jerry Polence this afternoon, she was kinda puzzled.

Maybe this post will clear that up for ya, Jerry. Personally, I have zero faith in both PayPal and the Philippine government (even though I chose their frickin' domain name), and most Philippine banks are incredibly clueless, but what the Hell: I support J. Angelo Racoma's call for PayPal in the Philippines. Hell, I'll even digg it.

Of course, I also hope GBuy kicks their sorry racist asses from Aparri to Jolo.


J. Angelo Racoma said...

Thanks for the link, Mike. Racist asses everywhere, eh?


Mike Abundo said...

Let's just say my experience with PayPal hasn't been pleasant.

They'd better get over here and make amends.

Rico said...

In the meantime, you can try out People will be able to credit money to an account corresponding to your e-mail, which you can have wired to local banks.

Laibeus Lord said...

Yah, Im using moneybookers as well. So far its doing the kind of job I'm looking for.
I'm using other services like Click&Buy.

Allan said...

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