Friday, May 12, 2006

Paris Hilton Screws Up Game Launch

Check out the negative feedback on Paris Hilton briefly appearing to endorse a game at E3.

I'd do her. But I wouldn't buy a game from her.

Joystiq's Sarah Gim tricked her PR people into looking for box art -- for a mobile game. Sure, she was mobbed -- mostly by nongamer press who didn't give a hoot that they were at the world's biggest gaming show. Heck, she even got the name wrong.

This is the same sort of clueless, insulting, top-down, noninteractive, offline marketing thinking that has expensive, traditional, fan-disengaged models like Iya Villania and Angel Locsin endorsing games. Sure, they generate mobs -- low-conversion, low-value, disloyal, nonsneezer mobs. This is what happens to game publishers who fail to recognize the potential of gamer babes.

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Anonymous said...

i think that's what you call marketing...