Thursday, March 02, 2006

Local Telcos Eavesdropping on ISPs?

Wilson Chua hopes this nasty rumor about local telcos eavesdropping on ISPs isn't true.

These telco/s is/are tapping into the lines at Bitstop Internet Service E1/R2s to find out the numbers of all Bitstop subscribers and Nitro card users. These telco/s then generate a report of that contains all the numbers that dialed up into Bitstop. They then use this to make DSL offers to the people whose numbers are on that list.

Adding insult to injury, the telco people insinuate that the users will be double billed. Once for the telco and another for Bitstop. However, if they decide to switch, they will be billed only once.

Readers who have seen my PLDT Purgatory know I'm inclined to believe Philippine telcos are capable of stooping this low, but even I'd give them the benefit of the doubt on a rumor this nasty. What's going on here?

(Via Migs.)

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