Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Anna Ohura Music Video

Anna Ohura is one of my all-time favorite AV idols, so I'm glad to see her cross over to music videos.

You're not seeing things, boys. That's the natural 34F-23-34.5 pretty herself. The character she plays here is refreshingly different from the bashful girls she portrays in most of her AVs.


Anonymous said...

Wanna-be's tryin hard to be gangsta' but Anna Ohura makes it worth watching.

Topdrunkee thy ILLnifique said...

Part-nah stop fronting,acting like you know...

"Wanna-be's tryin hard to be gangsta' but Anna Ohura makes it worth watching."

What makes you think that they even care about being "gangsta"


They're an f'ng polictical concious hip hop group.
That's the problem with hip hop heads these days.
They think all hip hop is that gangsta shit.
Don't tell me, do you actualy think 50 cent is gangsta,because he's one of the fakest g'z out there.

If you listen to the lyrics in this video they're looking down on that gangsta life style with easy women.
It's called satire...

BTW Anna Ohura has been in at least three J-hip hop vids.
One by King Giddra (F.F.B.),and
another by Dj Taki-Shit & Seamonator.