Monday, February 27, 2006

Google Payments Preview

A while back, I mentioned that PayPal is scared shitless of Google's rumored payment service.

They must be shittng bricks now, as the Google blog confirms those rumors. TechCrunch previews how Google's payment service will work, predicting the interface will be faster and prettier than PayPal's.

You know what I like most about this? Existing Google services make and receive payments to and from 65 countries in 48 currencies, including the Philippines and the Philippine Peso. Google could roll out merchant services for Filipinos. Take that, you PayPal racists.


aj said...

I just read the link about the "racists", as you called them. Let's see, I don't find them as such and you shouldn't too. It's just that many online services such as games and sites require a paypal account. And since this service from Google is fairly new and not yet officially online, what's left for them to use? Not that I'm saying PayPal IS the answer, but I'm saying that it's the only alternative... until Gbuy comes around. And THAT... that's something worth waiting for.

Mike Abundo said...

PayPal won't let people in the Philippines (and a lot of other countries) buy or sell.