Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blessed are the Flamed by the Stupid

Guess where this flame comes from:
I can FU-- with the best of them, but a public forum isn't the place for it. I accidentally stumbled on your so called web site, and find it to be very sophomoric! The little shit with the big mouth MUST BE HEARD I guess. I grew up during the Depression in South Buffalo, and we had people like you for lunch!

Wade Starbuck
No, it's not from my comments section -- though I get some flame gems there, too.

It's an email to top Yahoo blogger Jeremy Zawodny.


Without Borders said...

pare, ive seen your picture. i wonder what divide you are talking about.

Mike Abundo said...

A purely digital divide, David. Trust me. ;)

distant_sparks said...

Too bad the ones who flame you are actually INTELLIGENT, Mikey boy! XD