Wednesday, February 15, 2006

$30M Diamond Bikini

This diamond bikini, worn by actress Molly Sims and featured in the 2006 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue released February 14, costs US$30 million.

Imagine if one of those diamonds came off in the pool.

(Via Chai.)


distant_sparks said...

You could feed a country with just one of those blasted diamonds Mike.

Really, you are no different from those who you despise in what you called the "outdated media culture" in your Wowowee Stampede aftermath post.

cheryl said...

whoa... you talk like Mike owns the damn diamond bikini^_^;

goodness man, he just blogged it!

distant_sparks said...

Well, Cheryl darling, I'm not surprised if he actually DID own such a bikini. He flaunts money like he'll never lose it. I can't wait till karma bites him thick in his ugly pasty ass. XD

Or maybe neither of you would admit that he gave you one such bikini recently. ;)