Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Tony!

Gamers are often among the first in their communities to "get" emerging technologies.

I'd like to welcome my Xfire buddy Tony Greenwood to the blogosphere. Tony, a 17-year-old gamer from Auckland with hundreds of Xfire-documented game hours under his belt, is about to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Digital Media Exchange should be happy to hear this: veteran gamer Tony prefers the Philippine Mu Online service to the international service. The Philippines is only two years behind Korea in game publishing. Good to see we're actually ahead of global standards in this instance -- four years ahead by Tony's estimate.


cheryl said...

I so envy you!!!T-T You figured the code for rotating user pics already, we were just talking about it the other day. Wish I can do the same with mine and copy your codes, but I don't even know how to customize my friendster account.T-T

Tsuke said...

Thanks for the welcome Mike, I've faith Philippine gaming services will catch up to the Koreans and pass the Japanese which is where it is heading!