Friday, December 30, 2005

Asia's Sex Toys

Bumped into sex columnist Asia Agcaoili last night. She's opened an online sex toy shop,

Hey, Asia, you should try digital adult content sales sometime -- high margins, low costs, no inventory. You've already made hot DVD's; nothing's stopping you from creating exclusive subscription content. If personal non-nude sites like can rake in cash and become global cultural phenomena, certainly you could do the same. ;)


Anonymous said...

engeng chick

Anonymous said...

You're a disgusting retarded perverted fleabag, Mike Abundo.

distant_sparks said...

To be expected from the King of Sleaze and Skankiness.

Too bad Asia still has more wits than you boy!

Mike Abundo said...

"King of Sleaze and Skankiness"?

Flattery will get you nowhere. ;)

distant_sparks said...

Oh wow, such PRIDE!