Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pr0n Blackhats Strike Back at Filipina Cosplayers

Looks like some pr0n blackhats didn't like my changing the Google zeitgeist on Filipina cosplay. The top results are full of porn again.

Normally, I'd chalk it up to the constant battle of good versus evil in SEO, but this act of trickery on the first page really pisses me off:

This time, it's personal.

Let's nail these bastards. I call upon all Filipino cosplayer-bloggers to extol the virtues of Filipina cosplayers, and link to search-visible pages that do so. Those entries and links will tell Google what Filipina cosplay really is. Don't let a bunch of moneygrubbing motherfuckers soil the global image of our most creative young women.


Miranda said...

and how did you know that they didn't like it? as if they read your blog. *snorts*

but i guess, the search engine knows that your sites are much like porn sites.

Cheryl said...

as I Filipina, I am concerned about this "blackhats" who changed the Google zeitgeist on Filipina cosplay... I don't want the world to think, that Filipinas are mostly whores and mail order brides.

I'm particularly even more concerned, that's it's my stage name that is written there. >.< And it links to this blog's post about me, which is entirely not promoting for such purposes.

Whosoever owns the article, or what not... I don't like that the world's common conception of a Filipina to be as such. I don't know who ever reads these, they may be nationalities of different nations or my very own "kababayans"... but as Filipina... I'm very alarmed.

I hope and ask... we (those who are concerned about the escence of this post)... should take a stand and do somthing about it... by first and foremost removing that kind of result, when people type "Filipina" related key words in search engines.

Mike Abundo said...

We've already started on the word "Filipina" itself, Cheryl. You're right; popular phrases containing the word "Filipina" are the next step.

FieldVole said...

see, that's what happens when bad people make link frauds.

so never do it again with your own site.

it makes people look bad.

distant_sparks said...

Go Miranda.

Mwahahahaha. Touche, Mike. What goes around comes around boy!

vonjobi said...

please excuse my ignorance, but what's cosplay?

Mike Abundo said...

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a portmanteau of the English words "costume" and "play", originated in Japan as a subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, and video games, and, less commonly, live action television shows, movies, or pop music bands. However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply fans wearing costumes.

Miranda said...

@ distant_sparks: just telling the truth

@ cheryl: before you say something like that, you should see from what poorly done site it was published. This, my girl, is what you call a site who just wants to be publicised, may it be becuase of porn or not. You know why that is the first thing that popped in google? Look at the picture of the author -- looks like a bad made porn, look at the forum he had established -- the banner with DD size mammary glands, still looks porn to me.

And it's google -- search engine (if you don't know). I am not going to be surprised IF I search for porn sites and this site comes first again.

@ mike: FYI, cosplay didn't start in japan. they might started the term but not the costume-wearing. Do some research, boy.

Cheryl said...


as much as I want to understand what you are trying to say... about this site being "a site who just wants to be publicised"... and I can't still make out why you still post here. I'm still concerned about the topic, rather than just attacking the author of this blog. I guess... all you are concerned about is just to attack the blogger, and not really share views about the concern/topic of the posts.

For me, you're no more than just a troll... I'll just ignore your posts, which is irrelevant and useless for me.

Anonymous said...

And how do we know that this isn't part of your whole gameplan to pimp yourself to the entire world? Maybe this is all your doing? You are such a lewd person it's no wonder even Google points to you.

Wait, this is giving you too much credit. Advice amigo, stop using the cosplay community to better your image. We don't want it. We don't need it. We don't need you. You might need us, but then again, you also need an attitude adjustment and they're both plainly obvious. kawawa yung babaeng nagpapagamit sa yo.

Miranda said...

@ cheryl: Bravo! You have just successfully ignored my posts... You're good at ignoring, not only from posts and from issues as well. *snicker*

Anyways, unlike some person just like the author of this blog, I don't run from the issue. Unless of course you really want to attack the author of this blog, I can come up way better attacks than this comment. But yes -- let's stick to the topic.

Basically, he asked for that attention, and now he's gotten it, what else does he want? MORE attention perhaps?

How can this be personal? Does he really know the owner of the site? Is he associated with GOOGLE per se that they had infiltrated in his good-for-nothing blog and done something with it?

If you're associated with this dickwad, I feel sorry for you. You have poor judge of character. Unless of course, you both have the same personality.

distant_sparks said...

@ miranda: Go ahead and keep spreading the truth. You have my blessing. ;P