Monday, May 23, 2005

The Truth About the Filipina

Filipina blogger Clair Ching laments that the online image of the Filipina has been reduced to that of a mail-order bride.

I will not tolerate this information injustice. My mother is a Filipina. My sister is a Filipina. My girlfriend is a Filipina.

I call on all Filipino bloggers to post links to sites that properly portray the Filipina. Doing so will raise the search engine rankings of such sites, uplifting the online image of the Filipina.

Filipinas are our mothers, sisters, friends, lovers. In this Participation Age, there is no excuse for leaving their global reputation to decay.

Blog those links.

Links to definitions of "Filipina":
American Heritage


Cantara Christopher said...


Firstly, I use "filipina" as a keyword and as a blog tag on the following websites:

Secondly, every single one of my plays (which have either been produced or are in pre-production) has at least one major character who's a filipina-american. Find them here:

Finally, in every one of the comic fantasy novels by my husband, Michael Matheny, there's at least one filipina-american character. Copies of his novels are available in .pdf for free by going to or clicking here:

We'll overwhelm them yet!

Mike Abundo said...

Fantastic, Cantara! Looks like it's working. ;)

We still have a long way to go. Keep those links coming, people! :)

distant_sparks said...

Actually, Cantara, this guy himself does NOTHING to promote a positive image of the Filipina. I mean, come on, look at his bloody weblog picture for Goddess's sakes!

Anonymous said...

I live in Cebu and have learned that there is a cocept known as "moral hazard" which states that people who engage in risky behavoir without being punished tend to repeat that behavoir. Theives, snatchers, and people practicing the art of deceiving the white man are the majority in Cebu. No law, no logic!