Saturday, October 22, 2005

HP Support Believes in Extradimensional Storage

So my PC crashes in the middle of a big scan on my HP. When I boot up, I find I'm missing 16.9 GB on my hard drive. Naturally, I know it's in a temp file someplace, so I chat with HP.


Lance: Hello ike
Lance: Hello Mike
Mike Abundo: Hi Lance.
Lance: Welcome to HP Total Care.
Lance: My name is Lance. How may I assist you today?
Mike Abundo: My PC crashed while I was scanning...
Lance: Okay
Mike Abundo: and when I rebooted, 15 gigabytes were missing from my HDD.
Mike Abundo: I'm assuming they're in a temp file someplace.
Mike Abundo: Am I right? If so, which directory?
Lance: Mike, this is the support queue for HP All-in-one products.
Lance: Do you wish to install the HP software again?
Mike Abundo: No, I don't.
Mike Abundo: Yes, mine's an All-in-One. PSC 2110.
Lance: I would suggest you to please contact your system vendor to resolve the issue
Mike Abundo: Look, all I need to know is the temp file directory.
Mike Abundo: I can fix this if I find. it. :)
Mike Abundo: Do you know where it is?
Lance: I understand your issue as the PC is crashed and some amount of data is missing for Hard Driver so you need to contact your system vendor or Operating system support so that they can assist you
Mike Abundo: Yes, it crashed while scanning a very large image at hires.
Mike Abundo: I'm sure you can see that's because some data was written to the drive by the scanner.
Mike Abundo: Just let me know where I can find that temporary data file and delete it. :)
Lance: Once the system is crashed you need to contact the operating system support team as the scanner did not save any data
Mike Abundo: It was in mid-scan when it crashed.
Mike Abundo: Are you telling me an HP has no temp files?
Lance: Yes Mike, once it crashed the scanner loose the data
Mike Abundo: All right, thanks. :)
Lance: Yes Mike, Scanner does not save any data, once you scan you need to save on your computer
Lance: Thank you for using HP Total Care and providing us an opportunity to serve you through Real-Time Chat. A copy of our chat session will be e-mailed to you shortly. I hope you have found this session helpful and informative

Frustrated, I manually dig around my hard drive for the biggest file around. Guess what I find: a file called scan.bmp, exactly 16.9 GB in size.

For HP scanner users mysteriously losing gigabytes of drivespace in crashes, don't bother calling HP. I found the temporary file in C:\DOCUME~1\Mike\LOCALS~1\Temp\HPQKYGRP_0000172C. The path should be similarly long and counterintuitive on your PC.

HP, please inform Lance that scanners don't save temporary data in the same magical place Superman puts his cape or Akane puts her mallet. He's lucky I'm nicer than Jeff "Dell Hell" Jarvis.

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