Sunday, October 30, 2005

Crisis Ups 'Net Subs?

Overheard from Janette Toral on the Podworx podcast:

"During times of crisis, Internet subscription goes up because there are people who don't want to travel. They realize they can do business by going online and not necessarily having to do it face-to-face. So people tend to be more efficient, and tend to be more open to other things that can reduce their costs."

Yes, there are third-world countries with people still offline. Janette's scenario could hold with enough market education.

Congrats on interviewing Janette, Podworx -- but ditch the contrived (and mispronounced) DJ banter, long-winded sales pitches, and '80's pre-techno noise in your podcast. I had to skip ten whole minutes of that just to hear Janette's interview -- and even then, your interviewer was a robotic premix instead of a conversational human being. Listen to America's #1 podcast This Week in Tech; it contains none of that crap.

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