Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mojo Master

Axe gets globalized gamevertising. They've ripped a page from the book of Japanese game design to create a free 3D dating simulation, Mojo Master.

Amazingly enough, it doesn't suck. Even the music is pretty good. Scriptwriting's wittier and more casual (albeit more repetitive) than in often-outlandish Japanese dating sims. Clipping could use some serious work, though: girls mysteriously walking through bars and walls look like they're in a role-reversed sequel to Ghost. I know women have their wiles, but I don't think noclip mode is one of them.

Nevertheless, Mojo Master holds real promise as a free ren'ai game with high production values supported entirely by gamevertising. I look forward to the multiplayer version this fall.

Oh, and if you're gonna play the game, here's a tip: match them physically, oppose them mentally. ;)

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