Sunday, July 31, 2005

Call for Papers on Gaming

Blame Terra Novan Ren Reynolds for posting this at the last minute. Fortunately, the US is half a day behind the Philippines.

Jul 29, 2005

Michigan in October

OK, if you want to speak at this conference, you better get your skates on as the deadline for abstracts is 31 July 2005. No, that is not one of my usual typos, that is indeed in several hours time, but hey, they are “considering” abstracts and who hasn’t one of them up to the wire.

The three themes of Future Play 2005 to be held at Michigan State 13-15 Oct 05 are:

1. Future game development, addresses academic research and emerging industry trends in the area of game technology and game design.
2. Future game impacts and applications, includes academic research and emerging industry trends focused on designing games for learning, for gender, for serious purposes, and to impact society.
3. Future game talent, is designed to provide a number of industry and academic perspectives on the knowledge, skills, and attitude it takes to excel in the games industry.

See you in East Lancing (that’s middle of the hand).

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