Sunday, October 01, 2006

Philippines Holds First SEO Contest

Here's my closing address for last night's Isulong SEOPH awards, the first Philippine SEO contest. Isulong is Filipino for bring it on. Congratulations to Marc Macalua for organizing the contest, Boris Kerbikov and Abe Olandres for sponsoring the prizes, and the winners for winning them. Expect even bigger prizes at the next contest.

If you cannot be searched, you do not exist. Today's market niches are no longer geographic, but psychographic. The old business mantra of location, location, location is now not as important as intention, intention, intention. It is imperative that the Philippines learn this new market reality to become globally competitive.

If you cannot be searched, you do not exist. If Philippine businesses cannot be searched, they do not exist. You, the search marketing professionals of the Philippines, are all that stand between this country and digital oblivion.

Stand your ground. Isulong SEO!


chelle said...

*applause* :)

Mike Abundo said...

You're too kind, sis. :P

distant_sparks said...

And THIS is coming from someone with absolutely no sense of etiquette or morality? Wow.

As if your support of such noblesse appeals to my heartstrings.