Monday, September 25, 2006

Philippine Internet Shops Need Better Security

As I type this, I'm receiving an IM report of a daring robbery at a Philippine Internet rental shop just minutes ago.

Three kids with a gun barged into the shop and robbed patrons. The attendant didn't even think to sound the alarm! She let them load the fucking gun in front of her before they robbed her! The person reporting this has asked that I show this small shop mercy, and not identify them.

Most of the Philippines' 11.8 million Netizens rent at Internet shops. These shops had better put in better offline security, or viruses will be the least of their problems.

The Philippine government should stop seeing Internet shops as dens of sin. That's just stupid. It prevents them from getting the tax breaks they need for things like keeping kids physically safe while they empower themselves.


ikabon said...

a surveillance system or burglar alarm system can help them. it can intimidate perpetrators.

Mike Abundo said...

One word: webcams.

irvine whapacks said...

yeah,so we can all watch how the robbers do their jobs and laugh at the poor third world idiots suffer.

this'll make an easy top 10 at the local bitoy's funniest videos show.