Thursday, September 07, 2006

Netvibes Seeks Ajax Coder

I use Netvibes, so I hope one of my readers can fulfill their requirement. They're looking for a top Ajax coder.

To prepare the next evolution of our core framework and API, we are looking for an excellent Ajax developer, available immediately. Key qualifications include:

* Very strong Javascript and PHP skills
* Demonstrable experience writing or maintaining Ajax-heavy services
* Ability to quickly learn from an existing code base and extend it
* Experience interacting with a product support team and third-party developers
* Good spoken and written English skills
* Self-starter and good communicator

You will work in tandem with the project leader for the core framework and API. The position is based in Paris, but we are open to remote work for exceptional candidates. Send your profile to jobs [at], with subject [Top Ajax coder].

And we are coming soon with some exciting new stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you apply then? You boasts your PHP and Javascript skills ang gloat at other people.