Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bill Maher Returns

In Celtic societies, it was thought a bard's satire could have physical effects, similar to a curse. -- Wikipedia.

Regular readers know I like news satirist Jon Stewart. I also like his protegé Stephen Colbert (That's Cliff's fault.). That's why I'm glad to see Bill Maher's return.

Around twenty years ago, the Philippines had its own news satire show called The Sic O'Clock News, which I loved as a kid. Unfortunately, that got canned. Local TV is dead, but here's how it can live on in the opinionated Filipino blogosphere: build up a news satirist and let people upload clips to YouTube (which is huge in the Philippines). Look how popular Stewart's and Colbert's clips are. No, that Wazzup Wazzup fluff won't cut it.

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