Friday, August 18, 2006

Asia Agcaoili Visits There

Sexy sex columnist Asia Agcaoili visited There Philippines last night to answer players' questions on -- what else -- sex. They went at it for hours.

In case anyone's wondering, Asia tweaks her own MySpace and GrooveNet profiles. Yes, she knows what's going on with Tila Nguyen.

Yes, that's lines and lines of HTML she's tweaking. Check out her online sex toy shop.

Here's Asia with GrooveNet President Greg Kittelson (left) and myself. I got to keep my shirt on this time.

Asia's official site
Asia on MySpace
Asia on GrooveNet
Asia's Sex Confidential
Asia's Toys


Hans said...

Hey remember me...

Mike Abundo said...

Of course, Hans! How's Pandora Squared coming along?

Anonymous said...

asia has an awesome rack. u guys work with her?