Friday, June 23, 2006

Level Up Allows RMT

Now that top Philippine game publisher Level Up has flipped its policy on C2C virtual item real money trade (RMT), how can they protect their customers and make money? Answers at Pinoy Tech Blog.


Jerry Polence said...

I'm not personally playing LUG games, but I really think it's not a good move for them.

Frankly, I personally want to see them strictly impliment a no-bot policy, rather than this one. I think more of their players will appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

You can not just implement a no-bot policy, you know. If they really have to implement it, they should have somethign to support it and not just by word. You can not tell a human being who has free will not to do something that can be done.

And, it's like you're saying to have a no-troll policy in public forums. How would you know if the user account is a troll or not?

Oh, why do you think it's not a good move for them Jerry? I would like to know your opinion on that one. ^_^