Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wii Controllers Video

Nintendo has played around with motion sensing controllers before (Remember the Power Glove?) so I'm not surprised they'd try something as kinetic as the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers.

I played Mazan: Flash of the Blade in the arcades. I look forward to replicating that sword-swinging experience with a Wii Remote. Come to think of it, Namco should come out with a Wii version of Mazan.

I bet fantasy golf game PangYa will be a Hell of a lot more fun on a Wii than it ever could be on a PC.

As if in reaction, Sony completed final tuning on PS3 controllers' motion sensing a couple of days ago.

I have no idea how I'll swing that thing like a sword. At least I'll get to use more fingers with it.

With these console makers showing confidence in motion sensing, expect a wave of new motion-sensing peripherals for current hardware platforms in the months ahead.


michelle pauline said...

i want one! :D the gun feature is the best. hehe.

Mike Abundo said...

It might get some pushback from very traditional gamers, though.

Jepoy said...

you have a power glove? hahahahahahahha! we're old damit'