Sunday, May 07, 2006

Documentary Asks Why They Fight

Washington warned against an overgrown military. Eisenhower warned against a corrupted military-industrial complex.

Both men were not wimpy peaceniks. They were generals who led armies to victory in great wars.

Eugene Jarecki's documentary Why We Fight proposes that both their warnings have been perilously ignored for the last fifty years.

(Via JCS Dvorak.)


distant_sparks said...

And many others online continue to fight overly verbose but utterly idiotic, crass, surprisingly condescending and effortlessly self-righteous webloggers like you from polluting the internet with your vile poison.

Sugod mga kapatid
Tayo na't magsama-sama
Iwagayway na ang bandera:
Patalsikin si Abundong nagpapanggap lamang!


Mike Abundo said...

Go, Sparky, go.