Sunday, April 16, 2006

Why Your Employees Should Use RSS

It's not just the social media evangelists saying it. Listen to HR specialist Regina Miller on why your employees should use RSS -- in bullet-point form for all you upper management PowerPoint junkies.

  • RSS feeds may actually increase employee productivity - info about customers, competitors easily and quickly accessible.

  • RSS feeds may actually increase employee understanding of your company's media attention, brand, reputation, new products and services, etc.

  • RSS feeds may be used internally to enhance your key company messages but if employees can only subscribe to internal feeds it seems hypocritical to only pump out company propaganda

  • RSS will be built into future technology and become part of the way people manage their lives (attention) and information - it will become harder for companies to control in the future.

  • If your company culture and brand prides itself on being smart, fast, all-knowing, etc., without RSS as a way of accessing the most current information, your internal culture and brand may feel slow, and out of the loop. And this feeling will be disappointing to customers and employees.

There's also the small matter of RSS being integrated into the next Windows.

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