Monday, April 10, 2006

Web on a Hard Drive?

With more and more bandwidth moving more and more data off the desktop and onto the Web, trying to put the Web on your hard drive sounds... well... insane.

Thing is, that's exactly what startup Webaroo is trying to do. It's basically a variant of Microsoft's smart client concept applied to huge preselected chunks of the Web.

Now here's a business model not built to last. They're out to make a quick ad buck off mobile users before ubiquitous broadband renders them obsolete.

Personally, I use RSS to sync the content I want onto my mobile devices. I don't like the idea of a bunch of distant corporate editors preselecting chunks for me. I want the Web my way, both online and offline.


Noemi said...

Hi Mike

I tried in vain to look for your email address. Please email me a very short profile about yourself. I will introduce you during the Personal Blogging Panel. email at noemidado (AT) . Thanks

Mike Abundo said...

Sure, Noemi! By the way, my email address is under "Contact" in my sidebar.