Monday, April 03, 2006

Pinoy Cosplay in the Blogosphere

Here's a tiny little forum-search-blog mashup for ya.

Pinoy Cosplay now features top posts on Filipino cosplay from across the blogosphere, auto-updated with data from search engines.


distant_sparks said...

It's sad how you give me more reasons to have fun making fun of you every single day.

Mike Abundo said...

And it's fun to see how you fail every single day, distant_sparks. ;)

Unfortunately, I won't create a mashup to aggregate your flame comments across the blogosphere. I doubt anyone would find that very useful.

distant_sparks said...

[laughs] I fail? I FAIL?

Guess again. Don't look now but people are already seeing you for what you really are, and making sure they put you away.