Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ex-US Marine to Host on Al Jazeera International

Tired of being muzzled by his superiors after speaking out against Bush's propaganda machine, this captain resigned from the US Marines, the only institution he had ever known since high school.

Sixteen months later, Josh Rushing is set to host on the upcoming Al Jazeera International. Al Jazeera, the Arabic channel based in Qatar, is the station that showed the ugly side of Bush's war in the Middle East.

Right-wing American bloggers suggest a special ops team "take him out". Fox calls him a traitor. Strange as it may sound to some, this man's courage to exercise his First Amendment rights may be just the ticket to save America's image.

Oh, and SkyCable: I don't normally watch TV, but I want Al Jazeera International when it comes out.

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